Dry January? Veganuary? We got you...

Whether your new years resolution is to watch the calories, try a vegan diet, or give up alcohol, you don't have to give up the cocktails!

Virgin Espresso Martini

Alcohol-Free Virgin Cocktails

We've taken not 1, but 9 of our best-selling and most loved cocktails and recreated them using alcohol-free spirits from Lyre's. This means that when you enjoy one of our virgin cocktails, you're not just drinking a fruit juice mix, but an actual, proper authentic cocktail, simply without the burn. Check out our virgin cocktails here.

100% Vegan

In case you didn't know, our entire range is completely Vegan! Always has been, and always will be. In fact, we're also completely allergen free. So whatever your dietary requirements,, you can always enjoy our cocktails.

Reduced Sugar Cocktails

We've reduced the sugar content in most of our cocktails so that if you're diabetic, watching your health or simply counting the calories, you can still enjoy our cocktails. You can find the full nutritional information for all of our cocktails underneath the description tab on each product page.

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