Our Top 3 Halloween Cocktails

Get spooky this Halloween with Cocktails At Home. Here's our guide to the best Cocktails for any Halloween party. No tricks, just treats...

Autumn Paradise - Halloween Cocktail

Autumn Paradise

Shake yourself the only glimpse of Paradise this spooky season with our Autumn Paradise - an Autumnal twist of a summer classic. This cocktail combines juices of pressed pear and apple with premium SEIGNETTE cognac and fig liqueur. Shake with ice and serve straight up in a martini glass, garnished with a (toy?) spider for a sophisticated spook-tail.


As if the name wasn't scary enough! Our Zombie - this spooky cocktail will give you nightmares, but it's a rum lover's dream. A secret mix of tropical fruits and traditional Caribbean spices mixed with aged premium REDLEG rums. Shake with pineapple juice and serve in a tall glass, garnished with some grapefruit slices and the blood of its victims that couldn't handle this boozy mix...


Purple Rain

Our Purple Rain is as popular as the song. Blue Curacao orange liqueur mixed with a splash of grenadine gives this spook-tail its fluorescent purple colour. Finished with premium FRIS vodka, raspberry liqueurs and our homemade cloudy lemonade. Simply top off with soda for a fruit and fizzy treat.

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